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Johnette “JA” Warren-Askew II is an entrepreneur, writer, independent film director, spoken word artist, podcaster, wife, mother and most importantly, a child of God.  Her motto is “Does a thought even matter if it is never expressed to be reckoned with?” 

In 2006, Johnette was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and End Stage Renal Failure.   She would require an immediate blood transfusion, need an open renal biopsy etc. and would end up enduring an almost month long hospital stay.  She was told that if she had waited another day to go to the hospital, she would have died in her sleep.   Her diagnosis would change the trajectory of her life but also give her the strength and determination to focus on making sure that her life counted.  It birthed a promise to make sure she made a positive impact on others, especially the next generation.  She believed in her heart that as long as she was doing what she believed was right in God’s eyes that HE would sustain her through it all.  

She endured eight years of dialysis before finally receiving a kidney transplant.  Between her diagnosis and transplant there were several surgeries and “simple procedures”, countless hospital stays, quite a few ICU visits and brushes with death.  Being blessed with a second chance by way of transplant to her, was confirmation of what she believed.  She thanks God everyday for the second chance granted to her to continue to try to be a positive impact on those God brings on her path.  Using her story to inform, touch hearts, inspire and uplift.  Through her writing, JA sheds light on the life of the chronically ill and informs those who are not, so that they might operate with a little more compassion towards the ill people they do know.  Also, as a Christian, she writes about how her faith helped her through her struggles. 

She is the proud wife of Air Force Technical Sergeant and Digital Cinematographer, Marvin R. Askew II.  “He’s never known me healthy and married me anyways, knowing what this disease could bring”, she says of her now husband of eight years.  Two others who have never known her healthy are her daughters Joymeka and Lynazia.  JA would have her first flare of Lupus in 1999 with the birth of her daughter, Joy.  Although undiagnosed and misdiagnosed for six more years.  She named her daughter Joymeka because during her traumatic labor and delivery, Her baby was her only joy.  So Joymeka it was because she “meka” joy.

JA is the owner and CEO of Expressed Entertainment LLC in Buffalo, NY.  It is an audio and video production studio located in The Tri Main Building, right on Buffalo’s Main St.  She partnered with her, now husband, to do indie films, music and spoken word videos, photography, commercials, weddings, websites, podcast and more.  JA’s vision is to make EXE a one-stop-shop for artists, small businesses, churches and other organization’s creative and promotional needs. More information about Expressed Entertainment can be found on the companies website at  

JA  is also Founder and Executive Director of The EXE Jr. Youth Program. It’s mission is to “Help inner-city youth discover, develop and display their talents” through a cooperative multi-media program.  EXE Jr. teaches incoming 7th -12th grade students an introduction to audio and video production, graphic design and photography, creative writing and spoken word. More information on this program can be found at

In addition to these two entities that she runs with her husband, they also do The Mr. & Mrs. Podcast together.  This is a relationship podcast that is available on iTunes or where ever you get your podcast.  More information about this podcast can be found at .

Finally, JA has co-written a fairytale story with her, then, 4th grade daughter Joy Matteos. The book is entitled “Princess Joy” and can be purchased on ( ).  She also wrote and directed a film, “The Glass Floor”.  It received The Audience and Most Promising New Filmmaker at The Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival.  The film was an Expressed Entertainment Production with Marvin R. Askew II as Director of Photography.  

JA,  also has released two Spoken Word CD’s called “Innermosity Poetics” and the second was entitled “Simple Complexity: Spoken Word to Music”, which can be purchased on iTunes

( ).  Some tracks from these two CD’s can be found on her Soundcloud page @JA Expressed. As well as her spoken word performances on Youtube

@ JA Expressed. 

Currently, she is working on a new book and Spoken Word CD,  both based on her testimony.  Positive creative self-expression is very important to JA.  So, she continues to promote this concept to both students and adults alike.   Watch this site for updates on new tracks, books, projects and videos from JA.

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